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Why extend?

Building an extension continues to be a popular way of increasing living space especially given the high cost (an emotional trauma!) of moving to a bigger property.  There are lots of good reasons for building an extension and here are just a few;

  • make room for a growing family
  • shortage of property available that would meet your requirements
  • high cost of moving (legal fees/stamp duty/estate agents etc)
  • you really like where you live and don’t want to move
  • you can’t face all the stress of moving house

Making the decision to build an extension is a difficult one and it helps to have as much information as possible about the likely cost of the building work before you start.  By using the simple estimator tool on this website you will get an indication of the likely cost of building your planned extension.  But remember it is only an estimate and can’t be a substitute for getting an estimate from a builder who has seen your property.

GrowYourHome has provided estimates for building extensions for over 6 years.  Over the years, the Estimator tool has been upgraded to provide ever more accurate estimates of building work.  We hope that it will help you when you make the decision about whether to go ahead with your extension.


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Recommended Reading:  

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