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Getting Planning Permission

When you build an extension to your home it is quite likely that you will need planning permission.  If you are not sure about whether your project will need planning permission you can contact the Planning Department at your local council and they should be able to advise you. 

Planning applications are not always made by the property owner.  It is quite common for people to appoint an agent to make the planning application on their behalf.  Often planning applications are made by architects, solicitors or builders.

It is often a good idea to talk to your local Planning Department before you submit your application.  They can let you know what issues you might encounter with your planning application.  You will then be able to prepare your application with these in mind and ensure you have answers for any potential issues.  You might even want to alter your plans slightly to ensure that you get your application approved without delay.

When you talk to the Planning Office they will let you have the correct forms for your particular kind of Planning Permission Application.  Many Councils now have the facility for people to apply for planning permission online.

You will need to submit your planning application with the supporting documents as well as a fee.  The amount of the fee will depend on the type of planning application.  The documents you will need to submit will probably include; a plan of the site, details of the proposed works and a certificate to confirm that you own the land or have notified all owners of the land.

The local Planning Department will then publicise the application and consult relevant parties.  It is worth letting your neighbours know what you are planning before you submit your application.  This will give you the opportunity to explain what you are doing and try and gain their comments and hopefully acceptance of what you are planning to do.

The application will then go to the Planning Officer or to the Planning Committee.  The outcome of this will be either

  1. Permission granted
  2. Permission granted with conditions
  3. Permission refused
  4. No decision

If permission is granted you can go ahead with building your extension.  There will be a time limit within which the building work must have started.  After this time limit the Planning Permission will expire and new application will be required.

If no decision is made, or the application is refused you will have the right of appeal to the Secretary of State.  Alternatively you can submit a new, modified application.
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