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Managing your builder

A key factor in the success of a building project can be the rapport you build with your builder.  So make every effort to keep the lines of communication open and keep your demands reasonable!

Make it clear to the builder what you are setting out to achieve from the time you first meet to discuss a quote.  Provide as much information as possible to enable him to give an accurate quote.  Let him know if you change your plans in any way so that he can adjust costs accordingly. 

Show the builder that you are interested in the quality of the work and that you don’t want cheap fixes. 

Make sure you have a detailed quote from the builder so that you are quite clear what is included.  This should avoid unfortunate misunderstandings further down the line.  Once you have decided on a builder make sure you both sign a contract.  Any changes after it has been signed should be signed off by both parties.  This gives the builder the confidence to order the raw materials and you will have the reassurance of knowing what you can expect to pay.  Make sure you pay the builder at the intervals you have agreed.

It is often a good idea to meet your builder regularly during the project for example meet up for 15 minutes at the beginning of each day.   This will enable you to pick up potential issues before they become a problem. 


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