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Choosing your architect

It is a good idea to talk to your architect before briefing your builder.  After all the builder can only give you a quote when he knows what you want to build!  The architect will create a drawing of what you are aiming to build.  As with any tradesman it is important to choose the right architect.  Here are some steps you can take to help you make sure you choose the right architect;

  • As always, ask friends and neighbours for recommendations of architects they have used
  • Get three architects quotes 
  • Don’t necessarily go for high-powered architects who have designed big impressive projects.  Your local architect who has designed lots of small-scale extensions is more likely to be able to design an extension that meets your requirements.
  • Make sure the architect is familiar with the details of construction as well as possible problems and regulations relating to the work.
  • Ask your architect to show you plans of other extensions produced for previous clients
  • Compare the drawings of several architects before deciding which one to use
  • Agree a fixed fee and be clear whether you expect the architect to pay for planning consent or building regulations fees.  Be clear about how costs will be paid for if there are slight amendments to plans e.g. to meet planning requirements.

When comparing architects drawings check that

  • There are elevations of all aspects of the extended property as well as floor plans
  • The plans are clear and easy to understand and measurements are clearly shown
  • There is an appropriate scale
  • Outside ground levels are shown realistically
  • There are separate large-scale details of key parts of the plan
  • The plans have been carefully drawn and there is pride in the work
Two Architects studying house plans
Recommended Reading:  

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