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It’s a very handy tool for people concerned about what building costs should be.  My estimate was within 2% of my builders’ quotes which was surprising.
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Estimator FAQs

Listed below are some of the most commonly asked questions about

Why use the estimator?

What’s the catch – why is this service free?

What types of extensions can I cost using the system?

Are labour costs included?

What is a join?

How do I convert from feet to cm?

Is VAT included?

Is project management included?

Are the prices current?

What's with the Giraffe?


Q Why use the estimator?

The GrowYourHome Estimator is ideal for getting a rough idea of how much it will cost to build an extension.  This will help you to have informed discussions with builders when they provide quotes for the project.

It can also help you to see the possible effect on the overall cost of different options e.g. adding doors, additional rooms etc.

However, it is not an accurate tool for pricing building work.  By its very nature it depends on generalisations and can not be used as a substitute for getting a quote from a qualified professional who has seen your property.
Q What’s the catch – why is this service free?

There’s no catch.  This service is provided because we know people will want to use it.  We also know that people can get a free estimate from a builder so we could not justify charging for estimates.

We aim to build up a loyal group of customers who will use our website for other services as well as the Estimator.  For example using our directory of tradesmen.  Tradesmen will pay a nominal fee to advertise on our website and this enables us to cover our running costs.
Q What types of extensions can I cost using the system?
A At present the pricing model can cope with extensions which are single storey and two storey, assuming the upper floor is the same size as the ground floor. We will shortly be adding the ability to price up different sized upper/lower storeys, first floor extensions over existing ground floor buildings and loft extensions.
Q Are labour costs included?
A Yes, we aim to include all the normal costs you would expect.
Q What is a join?
A A join is the place where the new building joins onto the existing structure.
Q How do I convert from feet to cm?
A To convert from feet to centimetres, multiply the number of feet by 30.48.  So for example, 12 feet becomes 366 cm.
Q Is VAT included?
A We calculate the net cost cost and then add on VAT at the end of the calculation. That way you can see what your total VAT liability will be.
Q Is project management included?
A We have not added any specific costs for project management however a builder will usually manage the project and coordinate with all the sub contractors.  If you need additional project management you will need to add to this estimate.
Q Are the prices current?
A The prices used are reviewed periodically to ensure the estimates we give are realistic. The whole pricing model was given a full overhaul in April 2007.
Q What's with the giraffe?
  The Giraffe in our logo is called Geraldine, or Geri for short. She quite clearly needs to grow her home!


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