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Some user comments about our Estimator service

“Fantastic site.  I have been a builder for over 25 years.  I guestimated £25,000, you made it £27,000.  Magic or what.  Well done.”

“Simple and easy to use”

“It’s a very handy tool for people concerned about what building costs should be.  My estimate was within 2% of my builders’ quotes which was surprising”

“This is a cracking idea.  Simple and straightforward to use”

“An invaluable service and excellent idea to help DIY and home improvers get an idea of the cost of building an extension”

“Fantastic site.  Keep up the good work!!!”

“The most useful building site on the web.  Excellent”

“I like it!  Gave me the confidence that the quote I received yesterday is a function of the builder not really wanting to do the work (i.e. pricing himself out)”

“Very useful information, as an estimator I think it is very close”


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