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About GrowYourHome

Set up in the year 2000, and featured in Channel 4's 'The e-Millionnaire Show' in the same year, GrowYourHome has been providing free estimates for building projects for over 6 years.  The website was re-launched in 2007 with the objective of reaching a wider audience so that more people can benefit from this free service.  The new site takes into account the feedback from previous users and also includes new features such as a directory of tradesmen and advice about building an extension. 

Here are comments from some of the people who have used the GrowYourHome Estimator service;

“Fantastic site.  I have been a builder for over 25 years.  I guestimated £25,000, you made it £27,000.  Magic or what.  Well done.”

“Simple and easy to use”

“This is a cracking idea.  Simple and straightforward to use”

“An invaluable service and excellent idea to help DIY and home improvers get an idea of the cost of building an extension”

GrowYourHome is managed by a team of people with many years experience of

  1. building extensions to their own homes
  2. working in the building trade
  3. Local Authority Planning Control
  4. building and managing websites

You can contact us here.

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